Jennah Bell

Jennah Bell is an Oakland-grown singer/ songwriter whose ravenous musical curiosities inspired her own creative wonderland; her quirky songwriting & undefinable genre is a direct product of her proud Bay Area roots. As the architect of all aspects of her musical endeavors, Jennah pulls from a colorful palette of Folk, Soul, R&B, Hip-Hop, & Bluegrass.

John Forbid is the kind of slow dance two young lovers move as they navigate a fevered and unbound intimacy that leads them towards an inevitable truth: they will never have the love they dream of. He longs to mirror the impassioned romance of his parents, but without the maturity to sustain it. She wants to believe she’s the one who can tame his insatiable desire, only to find the words ‘I love you,’ tied to the promise of an abrupt ending. John Forbid illustrates the painful lessons learned about love and timing.